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Pathogenesis datasets mean that the enhancers are mentioned in the reference papers and are experimentally verified.

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Pudmed_ID Disease chr start end strand gene UCSC openness species celltype mutation
25394790 T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) chr14723915647239360/NTAL1 Homo sapiensJurkat/MOLT-3/N
25959774 Brachydactyly chr17576900375773592/NPax3 Mus musculusmES/N
25959774 F-syndrome chr17576900375773592/NWnt6 Mus musculusmES/N
25959774 Polydactyly preaxial type 2 chr17576900375773592/NIhh Mus musculusmES/N
25959774 Brachydactyly chr17578436875787445/NPax3 Mus musculusmES/N
25959774 F-syndrome chr17578436875787445/NWnt6 Mus musculusmES/N
25959774 Polydactyly preaxial type 2 chr17578436875787445/NIhh Mus musculusmES/N
25959774 Brachydactyly chr17580100175805330/NPax3 Mus musculusmES/N
25959774 F-syndrome chr17580100175805330/NWnt6 Mus musculusmES/N
25959774 Polydactyly preaxial type 2 chr17580100175805330/NIhh Mus musculusmES/N
28846100 Synpolydactyly1 chr17496143474966273/NIhh Mus musculusmES/N
28846100 Synpolydactyly1 chr17497671674979962/NIhh Mus musculusmES/N
28846100 Synpolydactyly1 chr17499968975002451/NIhh Mus musculusmES/N
28846100 Synpolydactyly1 chr17500518875007089/NIhh Mus musculusmES/N
28846100 Synpolydactyly1 chr17500730675009354/NIhh Mus musculusmES/N