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Pathogenesis datasets mean that the enhancers are mentioned in the reference papers and are experimentally verified.

Pathogenesis - Searching by Species
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Pudmed_ID Disease chr start end strand gene UCSC openness species celltype mutation
450109 beta-Thalassaemia chr1152074645214464/NHBB Homo sapiens/N/N
6153459 beta-Thalassaemia chr1152074645214464/NHBB Homo sapiens/N/N
16407397 Holoprosencephaly 3(HPE3) chr7156268369156269144/NSHH Homo sapiens/N/N
12837695 Polydactyly preaxial type 2 chr7156583796156584568/NSHH Homo sapiens/N/N
19847792 Werner mesomelic syndrome(WMS) chr7156583796156584568/NSHH Homo sapiens/N/N
19847792 Haas type(syndactyly type 4) chr7156583796156584568/NSHH Homo sapiens/N/N
19847792 Triphalangeal thumb polysyndactyly(TPTPS) chr7156583796156584568/NSHH Homo sapiens/N/N
26656844 Lung cancer chr8128154301128178044/NMYC Homo sapiensA549/NCI-H2009/NCI-H/N
26656844 Squamous cell carcinoma head and neck chr137330655373416459/NKLF5 Homo sapiensBICR-31/N
26656844 Esophageal cancer chr137330627673468484/NKLF5 Homo sapiensIshikawa /N
26656844 Colorectal cancer chr132694888926970216/NUSP12 Homo sapiens/N/N
26656844 Hepatocellular carcinoma chr205038084050402897/NPARD6B Homo sapiensHepG2 /N
25394790 T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) chr14723915647239360/NTAL1 Homo sapiensJurkat/MOLT-3/N
16728641 alpha-Thalassaemia chr113225055032251858/NHba Mus musculus/N/N
16728641 alpha-Thalassaemia chr16162658163864/NHba Homo sapiens/N/N