Michael Q. Zhang
Michael Q. Zhang
Dept of MCB, Center for Systems Biology, UT Dallas, USA
Email: michael.zhang@utdallas.edu

Guest Professor in both school of Information Science and Technology and Medical School
Adjunct professor in Life School
Doctoral Supervisor
Director of Center for Synthetic and Systems Biology, Tsinghua U., Beijing
Qian Ren Ji Hua Distinguished Adjunct Professor
Chang Jiang Chair Professor
Email: michaelzhang@tsinghua.edu.cn

Research  Top

Computational Biology, Synthetic biology and system biology, especially high-throughput technology and high performance computational researches, focus on gene regulation network and metabolic network during the cell developing, differentiation and apoptosis, and the application in cancer, bioenergy and environment.

Publications  Top


  • Sun G, Hu Z, Min Z, Yan X, Guan Z, Su H, Fu Y, Ma X, Chen Y-G, Zhang MQ*, Tao Q*, Wu W* (2015) Dephosphorylation of R-Smad linker sites by SCP3 is a mechanism to endue Xenopus embryos with competence to TGFβ signaling. JBC, in press.
  • Akerman M, Fregoso O, Das S, Ruse C, Jensen MA, Pappin DL, Zhang MQ, Krainer A. (2015) Differential connectivity of splicing activators and repressors to the human spliceosome. Benome Biol. In press.
  • Wang T, Xiao G; Chu Y, Zhang MQ, Corey D, Xie Y (2015) Design and bioinformatics analysis of genome-wide CLIP experiments. NAR, PMID:25958398.
  • Huo W, Adams HM, Zhang MQ, Palmer KL (2015) Genome modification in Enterococcus faecalisOG1RF assessed by bisulfite sequencing and single molecule real time sequencing. J. Bacteriology 197:1939-51. PMID:25825433.
  • Yuan Y, Liu B, Xie P, Zhang MQ, Li Y, Zhen X, Wang X (2015) Model-guided quantitative analysis of microRNA-mediated regulation on competing endogenous RNAs using a synthetic gene circuit. PNAS, 112:3158-63. PMID:25713348.
  • Raodmap Epigenomics Consortium (2015) Integrative analysis of 111 reference human epigenomes. Nature, 518:317-30. PMID:25693563
  • Leung D, Jung I, Rajagopal N, Schmitt A, Selvaraj S, Lee AY, Yen CA, Lin S, Lin Y, Qiu Y, Xie W, Yue F, Hariharan M, Ray P, Kuan S, Edsall L, Yang H, Chi NC, Zhang MQ, Ecker JR, Ren B (2015) Integrative analysis of haplotype-resolved epigenomes across human tissues. Nature, 518:350-4. PMID:25693566
  • Li L, Tang J, Zhang B, Yang W, Liugao M, Wang R, Tan Y, Fan J, Chang Y, Fu J, Jiang F, Chen C, Yang Y, Gu J, Wu D, Guo L, Cao D, Li H, Cao G, Wu M, Zhang MQ, Chen L, Wang H (2015) Epigenetic modification of MiR-429 promotes liver tumour-initiating cell properties by targeting Rb binding protein 4. Gut 64:156-67. PMID: 24572141.

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Updated on Apr. 29, 2015