Numeric data

Supported file format

Using RNAseqViewer, you can plot numeric data from files in Wiggle (WIG) format. Both the variable step variant and the fixed step variant are supported.

Here is an example for the variable step variant:

variableStep chrom=chr17 span=5
56881 37.25
56891 14.9
56901 54.7
56911 58.99
56921 49.48

The following example is an equivalent in fixed step variant:

fixedStep chrom=chr17 start=56881 step=10 span=5

Histogram view

The data in Wiggle format are shown as histograms. The maximum value in the current area is shown on the top left-hand corner of the track. If scale is too small, values which span the same pixel are grouped and only their average value is kept. To see the individual values you should zoom in. The exact numeric value is at a current position is shown in tool tips.


One example of the representation of numeric data. The maximum value for the current region is 561 and the value for the position under the mouse is 289.86.