DNA Sequences

Supported file format

Only file in FASTA format can be read. For example, you can use the public genome sequences provided by UCSC (hg18, hg19 and other sequences) or by Ensembl (GRCh37 release 70 and other).

When loading a FASTA file sequence.fa, RNAseqViewer will look for the index file sequence.fa.fai in the same folder. If it doesn’t exist, it will be created.

DNA Sequence View

There is only one type of view, but the view changes according to the scale:

  • At large scale, the nucleotides are represented by their letter (A, C, G, T), with a different background for each type of nucleotide.
  • At medium scale, only the background is shown.
  • At small scale, the nucleotides can’t be shown.

A DNA sequence at large scale


A DNA sequence at medium scale


A DNA sequence at small scale