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About triplet-SVM classifier

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This program is developed for predicting a query sequence with hairpin structure as a real miRNA precursor or not. The triplet-SVM classifier analyzes the triplet elements of the query and predicts it using a SVM classifier. The SVM classifier is previously trained based on the triplet element features of a set of real miRNA precursors and a set of pseudo-miRNA hairpins.

triplet-SVM classifier was written by Chenghai Xue and is free to all.


Install and Use

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1. Download the package to anywhere in your computer
2. Uncompress the file: tar -zxvf triplet-svm-classifier.tar.gz
3. Read Readme.txt before running the programs

triplet-SVM classifier runs directly on Linux with Perl compiler.

Note: this package need the third-party softwares, namely RNAfold and Libsvm packages.
RNAfold can be downloaded from
Libsvm can be downloaded from, the 2.36 version is used in our work and we recommend this version. (The homepage of Libsvm is
And both softwares should be compiled in local PC.



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The package is free for all users but without any warranty.

Please contact Chenghai Xue at for the download.  

Description: 说明: Description: classifier contains all source codes for predicting candidate hairpins.

Description: 说明: Description: contains all results in our submitted paper.



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If you use triplet-SVM classifier, please cite us in the following way:

Chenghai Xue, Fei Li, Tao He, Guoping Liu, Yanda Li, Xuegong Zhang, Classification of real and pseudo microRNA precursors using local structure-sequence features and support vector machine, BMC Bioinformatics, 6: 310, 2005

Please contact for any problem.