The rapid progress of the next-generation sequencing technology significantly advances the studies in human genome structures and functions. At the same time, we have much deeper understandings of the mechanisms and functions of the epigenome (DNA methlyation, histone modification, chromatin structure, etc.). This course will introduce the current frontiers in genome and epigenome, including the new concepts in the related fields and the new computational and experimental techniques.

Course Structure:  This short course will comprise of both lecture and paper discussion, focusing on eight related topic areas. During the first half of the class meeting, a general introduction will be given to a particular topic. This is followed by a student-led paper discussion in the second half.

Instructor: Prof. Bing Ren Dept. of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, UCSD School of Medicine, USA

Contact: Dr Jin Gu (FIT 1-112); Chao He (FIT 1-111, Teaching Assistant)

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