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The mission of our Division and Center is to pursue excellence in scientific research and education on fundamental questions in life science with informatics and systems approaches, on theoretical and methodological questions therein for information science and technology, on the informatics mechanism of life systems, and on the engineering of molecular regulatory systems.

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Archive for December, 2013

  • 生物信息学研究部2013年12月简报

    12月3-10日,美国加州大学洛杉矶分校统计系周晴副教授来访,做了题为:A Penalized Bayesian Approach to Predicting Sparse Protein-DNA Binding Landscapes 和Learning Sparse Causal Gaussian Networks With Experimental Intervention: Regularization and Coordinate Descent的两场学术报告…

  • 生物信息学研究部2013年11月简报