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The mission of our Division and Center is to pursue excellence in scientific research and education on fundamental questions in life science with informatics and systems approaches, on theoretical and methodological questions therein for information science and technology, on the informatics mechanism of life systems, and on the engineering of molecular regulatory systems.

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Archive for March, 2018

  • 生物信息学研究部1-2月简报

    1月3-6日,生物信息研究部张学工、古槿应邀赴旧金山参加陈扎克伯格基金会召开的HCA人类细胞图谱计划首批入选项目启动会,与来自全球的六十余位顶尖学者共同交流项目方案,张学工以“Systematic evaluation of data and bioinformatics methods”为题报告了所承担项目的研究内容和技术思路。