A Predicted Genetic Landscape of Human Disease

Disease Gene

Please use MIM ID or disease name keyword for disease, and gene symbol, UniProt ID and RefSeq Peptide ID for gene
e.g. 606889, Alzheimer, Cancer, Q13485, NP_005350 and SMAD4

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We have performed in silico genome-wide screen of disease genes for almost all human diseases.The pair-wise associations between 5080 human disease phenotypes and 14433 human genes are calculated by our novel disease gene prediction program CIPHER. This website provides a search interface of the top 1000 candidate genes for each disease phenotype. The whole dataset can also be downloaded from here. Please refer to the paper for more details: 

Citation: Wu X, Jiang R, Zhang MQ, Li S (2008) Network-based global inference of human disease genes. Molecular Systems Biology, 4:189

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